Thursday, May 13, 2010

May 13th: Links a la Mode!

Excellent news! Journey to Fashion was chosen to be a part of this week's Weekly Roundup at Independent Fashion Bloggers. I'm really excited about being included in this list with so many other cool looking blogs. Here's the complete list of blogs chosen for this week:

  • 365 Fashion Rehab – Notes from the closet: Day 357! Building better future buying habits by way of a major wardrobe investigation.

  • 39th and Broadway – The Fall of Designer Denim.

  • Bachman's Sparrow – Saturday Advice column: develop your personal style into something amazing by learning how to take risks and not dress for others.

  • Chrissy Styles – I create an outfit inspired by a painting. This time one by Luc Tuymans:

  • D e f i n i n g B e a u t y – Pass it On – What do you do with clothes you don’t want?

  • DailyDivaDish – True Cost of Disposable Fashion: You may be paying more than you realize.

  • Debutante Clothing – Are you Lying? Why Do You Wear Vintage? A response to 5 Lies Women Tell About Vintage Dresses.

  • Emerald Dandy – Meggings: Meant to be?

  • Evoluer – 7 girls : 7 bicycles : 7 unique & adorable outfits

  • Independent Fashion Bloggers – Finance & the Fashion Blogger: Ignore-ance

  • Journey to Fashion – From Undergrad Slob to Graduate Fashionista? An introduction to my quest for fashion.

  • Missemmamm – How the internet has changed & woman are now more empowered.

  • Oranges and Apples – On Beauty.

  • Retro Chick – Are you ethically fashionable or fashionably ethical?

  • Return to Sender – What do you do when your old insecurities rear their ugly heads?

  • Shrimp Salad Circus – Ten things to smile about right this very second.

  • Style on a String – The Insatiability for Logos, not Luxury.

  • The Coveted – The Coveted launches a new blog dedicated to real women wearing denim.

  • The Laundry Narrative – Fighting the urge to justify criticism of fashion blogging as superficial, anti-feminist, and materialistic.

  • The Sunday Best – The Best Time of the Year for Menswear

  • The Thrifty Poet – How to Feel Beautiful.

  • Check back for my next post! I should be updating sometime in the next few days about clothing salvaged from my closet.

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